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Inventory Tracking

The Daily Legal work in partnership with another company who supply barcode labelling and scanning technology and are specialists in their field. When focusing on providing security solutions, we let companies like this one that specialise in scanning technology to look after our customers that have our security in place.

They offer a huge selection of technology available for you when you need it.

Security Consultation

When we get our enquiries for security in manufacturing workplaces like factories, it can be sometimes difficult to assess the measures needed to secure the premises. However, with our 20 years of experience in security working on a huge number of different projects we can quickly gather your requirements and share with you our expertise.

The way the consultation works is one of our security managers visits your workplaces for the duration you have selected. With a limit of 6 hours, this can be done over 2-3 days or 1 day if you do so please. We will also do a quick assessment of your location to suggest advice that aid your requirements.