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Physical Security


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Organisations will spend lots of money on firewalls and encryption software to protect systems in their IT department that already have in cyber security place.

Don’t get us wrong… Cyber security really is important, we protect our own data here at Daily Legal with cyber security. But, you also need physical security.

Physical security can be vital to a business, take a small business for example. They don’t have as much money as the big cats in their business field and have a small firewall to protect them. If they hired a security firm to overlook the rest of the premises at all hours of the day then it would be reassuring and secured.


The aspect of it can help a business protect its own assets, this also includes a lot of its IT resources. From servers to the IT infrastructure, these are crucial to be protected with an extra layer because they make the business run and store sensitive information about employees and customers.


What does PHYSICAL security mean?????

Physical security entails measures and tools like guards patrolling using technology to track products, gates, CCTV and alarms. 

Here at Daily Legal, we’ve come up with ways why physical security is still needed in today’s world. 


Monitoring systems

Video surveillance is an in-expense now a days but it does double the duty, they not only detect threats that are in progress but also allow for a full review of incidents that take place in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, few companies do actually use CCTV,  we believe that they should be installed at every facility of an organisation, and placed in vital areas such as server rooms and data centres. Videos that have been captured can be retrieved, and observed on a live monitor by a security expert. 



Despite all the measures that have been stated in this article already, tracking and alarms are also key elements in physical security in an organisation. Alarms can help physically drive away intruders because they do not want to get caught out whilst in the act of trespassing. 

Here at Daily legal, we use a form of barcode technology to track the products of the warehouses we secure. For example, a product batch comes in to your warehouse we firstly scan it, that then holds the information about when it came in, and the quantity of this product. This reassures that non were stolen, mis-placed or lost during the delivery to the warehouse and allows you to clearly see the amount you were supposed to receive and the amount you did receive. 




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