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Drones, Friend or Foe

Drones, friend or foe. It’s not hard to recognise the increase in drone use all over the world, they are getting smaller, faster, cheaper and easier to fly by each day. And this is great for the average person as they may one day see these drones delivering pizza or maybe even a package. As […]

7 of the world’s most ridiculously secure safes and vaults

Welcome to our guide to the worlds most impenetrable vaults! Enjoy Fort Knox Surrounded by four fences (two of which are electric), armed guards, high tech cameras, 4ft thick granite walls, more armed guards and a 22-ton vault door. Fort Knox is one of the hardest vaults in the world to penetrate but don’t worry, […]

Physical Security

    Organisations will spend lots of money on firewalls and encryption software to protect systems in their IT department that already have in cyber security place. Don’t get us wrong… Cyber security really is important, we protect our own data here at Daily Legal with cyber security. But, you also need physical security. Physical […]