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7 of the world’s most ridiculously secure safes and vaults

Welcome to our guide to the worlds most impenetrable vaults! Enjoy

  1. Fort Knox

Surrounded by four fences (two of which are electric), armed guards, high tech cameras, 4ft thick granite walls, more armed guards and a 22-ton vault door. Fort Knox is one of the hardest vaults in the world to penetrate but don’t worry, it can be opened… but only if you manage to find each staff member who know a very small part of the combination (you need all of them as no one knows the full code. After you have followed the first steps, the last one is to break into the smaller vaults inside! Then and only then can you attempt to leave with the 5000 tons of gold. And please keep in mind by this time, 30,0000 soldiers from Fort Knox army base will be waiting with gifts.


  1. Cheyenne Mountain

Protected by two 25 ton doors that can survive a 30-megaton blast, that equals to around 1429 fat man bombs (the bomb dropped on Nagasaki) and even then, it would only crack them! The offices of the bunker are 2000 feet underground. They are that far down that air and oxygen is pumped into the offices, this just happens to be the cleanest air in the world thanks to the state of the art system of chemical, biological and nuclear filters.


  1. Svalbard Global Seed vault

Situated 390 feet under a Nordic Mountain, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is on the island of Spitsbergen and currently houses over 500,000 of the world’s plant species. The vault is so deep that it can resist severe earthquakes and it even has the chance of surviving a nuclear holocaust. The three seed vaults are hidden behind four heavy steel doors.


  1. Granite Mountain

Ever since 1965, the Mormon church’s genealogical library has been protected and safeguarded by the Granite Mountain. The library is situated around 600 feet below the mountain where it holds over 3.5 billion images of census records, immigration papers and the documents have been acquired through agreements witch archives, libraries and churches from over 100 countries.


  1. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

A few blocks away from Wall Street, 25% of the world’s gold is kept at the New York’s federal reserve bank ($270 billion worth) Although only about 2% is owned by the states, many other countries trust the bank with their many riches. After all, it is 80 feet underground and surrounded by solid rock and marksmen. The 540,000 gold bars are held behind a 90 ton steel door.


  1. Banhof and WikiLeaks in Stockholm

The US State Department probably isn’t very fond of this safe house. Buried 100 feet beneath the streets of Stockholm, this old nuclear bunker is the gadfly of all data centres. That’s because the facility, owned by the Swedish internet provider Bahnhof, famously shelters the servers for WikiLeaks. Julian Assange’s most precious computers hide in this data bunker. Tucked behind a 1.5-foot steel door and driven by back-up generators that can go for weeks, WikiLeaks will keep breathing as long as it’s here.


  1. Bank of England Gold Vault

This place is crazy, the bank won’t even tell us how deep the vaults are and how thick the doors are. All we know is that the bombproof door is opened by a sophisticated voice recognition system, aided by multiple 3ft long keys. Also we do know that the bank has more floor space than London’s tower 42, a 47 story Building.

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