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5 Places that are Ridiculously Easy to Break Into

So, we have seen the most impenetrable vaults the Earth has to offer, but here are 6 ridiculously easy places to break into, be aware that some of the places mentioned will shock you.

The White House

Home to one of the most important and powerful person in the world, you’d be right in thinking it was one of the most heavily guarded and security ridden places on earth but it may come as a surprise that the White House is no stranger to unwanted guests!

The first man we know of that infiltrated the home of the president was Charles Dickens (Yes, the Charles Dickens). He broke entry to the building in 1842 when the president at the time (John Tyler) failed to answer the door in adequate time.

Of course, after three presidents where eliminated between 1865 and 1901 the security of the White House became a top priority. But still to this day many people pass through the white house and the acting security (the CIA) don’t potentially have the means or time to watch each person like an eagle. An historian named Bill Bryson has told the tale of an old lady who managed to sneak away from the White house tour group and then began to start small fires around the building for over an hour!

The latest invasion of the white house came in 2009 when President Obama held a state dinner for the Prime Minister of India, two people named Tareq and Michaele Salahi (who were never invited to the dinner) showed up to the gates in a limousine and fancy dress… After being questioned by the first line of security that failed to find them on the guest list they were then told to progress onto the checkpoint. After making their way through multiple checkpoints and even a photo id section they managed to enter the white house and even meet Barak Obama! The security services didn’t even know what had happened until the next day when the couple boasted about their achievement on facebook, it just goes to show that the secret services may let their guard down but Mark Zuckerberg never does.


Nuclear Power Stations

It is easy to forget just how dangerous nuclear stations really are when they aren’t melting down or being tested by an earthquake… They have been specifically designed to prevent them from disintegrating anything within a hundred-mile radius. So, have no fear, there is no way anyone could break into these very dangerous and sensitive palaces… Unless they come with some wire cutters.

Greenpeace in 2003 decided they would test the security of an English nuclear power plant, just to see if they really could break in. They came with nothing but the clothes on their back and some wire cutters. The people involved claimed that the most high-tech security system they had to face was a wire fence and a sign telling them not to enter. Within an hour the team was sat in the main control room staring at death. Of course, this was a one off and since then the world has woken up and thought about what they are doing. Except in Sweden where the Green Peace team decided to test the security of another plant and saw equivalent results. Imagine if they were not Green Peace, yet a terrorist organisation with death and destruction on their minds….


10 Downing Street

Obadiah Marius, a name you have probably never heard off. He has been arrested over 70 times in 30 years and is well known for burglary. One day Obadiah decided that it’s time to switch up from small time stealing to breaking into the Prime Ministers home.

In 2008, Obadiah entered the British Governing hub with his eastern European girlfriend carrying nothing but a Lithuanian national ID card, which when flashed at security they were let right in! This is because apparently the only condition to see the prime minister is you have a card of any description.

Strangely enough, Obadiah was a hard drug addict and he was not visibly suitable to enter downing street… He was dressed in a tracksuit, a shaved head and trainers. He was later caught in the building stealing but it was not until an hour later.


The Louvre

Considered “The greatest art theft of the 20th century” you can probably imagine a top-secret agent that has been specially trained for this exact moment, to enter the world’s most famous art gallery and steal probably the world’s most famous piece of art.

In 1911, a typical Italian carpenter named Vincenzo Peruggia came up with a master plan to steal the Mona Lisa. He put his plan into action one night… Vincenzo hid in a storeroom in the museum until it was closed then he simply placed the artwork under his shirt and walked out… He passed many guards on the way out but they must have thought he was an employee and didn’t really think much of the square poking out his jumper.

The theft had eventually been noticed but authorities had no idea what happened and they suspected the Germans who had nothing to do with it… Hundreds of people were questioned, even Pablo Picasso who was never fond of life-like portrait’s.

Of course, the nation was devested about the loss of the prized Artwork, it was thought to be lost forever until the man who stole it, tried to sell it! Of course, word travelled fast and the police recovered the painting.


Buckingham Palace

The home of the queen, the famous palace in London has been in place for hundreds of years… you would think after all this time that the security would be impenetrable. Of course, the palace has almost never been broken into, that’s just because people never try.

Until 1982, when a drunk man by the name of Michael Fagan wandered in, woke the queen up and had a chat. But this was not the first time he had tried… Both times he tried to enter he managed to get passed cameras, servants and all those guards! He achieved this by jumping over a fence and climbing a drain pipe.

On Michael’s first attempt he was spotted by a maid while he was climbing the drain pipe. The maid called security but they “decided not to act” for some strange reason. When he got inside he discovered that all the alarms where broken. In this surreal event, all he stole was a £6 bottle of wine and left!

One month later he returned, climbing up the same drainpipe he found the same window unlocked and then he decided to visit the queen, the alarms this time where in fully functioning order but the guards simply ignored them thinking they were false alarms… Michael managed to cut his hand on a broken ashtray before entering the queens room, she awoke to the stranger covered in blood and she made the perfect response to call security.

Instead of running to the queen’s aid, they claimed that “The queens tone of voice assumed the situation was not urgent” It is also rumoured that in the same situation she called the police claiming to be the queen but then they replied with “Right lady, and I’m Napoleon.”

Queen Elizabeth had no choice but to converse with Fagan for 10 minutes until a maid entered and asked what he was doing there, the queen presumably replied, “You F*cking tell me!” After all of this, Michael could not be charged because the justice system forgot to make breaking into Buckingham palace a crime! The only thing they could arrest him for was the cheap bottle of wine.


So, they are some of the easiest places to break into! Why not check out some of the hardest places to enter?

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