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We are security experts that work across the globe in the manufacturing industry.

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Benjamin Burton


Benjamin Burton was born and raised in Edinburgh. He received a Bachelor of Honours degree in Law from the University of Westminster.

Mick Harold


Mick Harold was born and raised in Reading. He has been a security consultant for major companies for over 20 years now.

Gerald Crew

Head of Security

Gerald was born and raised in the city of London. He knows the ins and outs of security, serving as a police officer and solider. He has been in the business for 10 years now,

  • At Daily Legal we are 100% committed and dedicated to offering our customers the best service that we can. Therefore we offer our customers the option to track their products using a new technology with our partner company. Our partner company have extensive and in-depth knowledge in secure tracking of inventory. They have been in the industry for 17 years and have helped business to get the best tracking of inventory for them.

March 28, 2017

Physical Security

    Organisations will spend lots of money on firewalls and encryption software to protect systems in their IT department that already have in cyber