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At Daily Legal we are 100% committed and dedicated to offering our customers the best service that we can. Therefore we offer our customers the option to track their products using a new technology with our partner company. Our partner company have extensive and in-depth knowledge in secure tracking of inventory. They have been

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We get that each business has their own set of requirements when it comes to hiring security to protect their business. This means that we have a number of different security plans set up to fit everyone’s needs.

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We understand that every manufacturing/production business has their own personal requirements when it comes to a layer of security. Therefore, we have a huge team of consultants who will come out to your workplace and discuss the option available and open to you. The service of consultation is a one-time fee that gives you 6 hours of consultation. This can be used up in one day or over a three-day period giving you 2 hours each. Some of the subjects that will be covered will be the current safety of your products and the current security problems you are facing. Our solutions may mean investment in other products such as label printers, cctv camera or alarm systems. We have over the years developed a close relationship with a number of companies to ensure that you get these at below market value price. For example, we have worked with companies like Label Scan to provide a range of label solutions that can help monitor your inventory among other things. You can see more of there products at there website including the Zebra GK420d specs.